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Join FOLP in our Cake Sale on the 24th May 2-3pm! https://t.co/3p6guoecte


Here is our 'Grease is the Word' special menu for today! https://t.co/9widVAxWPl


Children are reaching for the stars when it comes to model behaviour. Little Parndon Primary Academy has launched the Reach for the Stars initiative to inspire pupils to work as a team and demonstrate good classroom behaviour. https://t.co/u3FE5UQp7a https://t.co/zy6r2aXpVs


Arriving at school to find a police officer guarding a crime scene was sure to capture pupils’ attention. Pupils at Little Parndon Primary Academy were surprised and excited to find a pile of bones in the school grounds. https://t.co/S0xLBJ54Fi https://t.co/X4yp4vUsxw


The school took part in the world’s largest mindfulness moment today! We joined millions of classrooms around the world for the first ever, global mindfulness lesson. The children had a lesson to help them focus, handle powerful emotions, and become amazing classroom citizens ✨


Reach for the STARS! The children at Little Parndon are reaching for the stars to demonstrate role model behaviour this term! https://t.co/JbU7VkJv2o


Year 1 had a visit from PC Dodd today and discussed keeping safe in the local community! They had a great time. https://t.co/fKTTUXfyFV


Primary school children are teaming up with a wildlife park to tackle waste. Pupils from Little Parndon Primary Academy, are working with on the HEART9Helping Endangered Animals project. https://t.co/cCQS7aAogl https://t.co/BmuuWOoKOq


Our hook for Summer 1! Where did the bones come from?Dinosaur? Giant? Mythical Creature ? The children are investigating to find out! https://t.co/jJ9TqU3hhP


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Are you looking for a career in teaching? Train to Teach with . For more information visit the Teaching School at https://t.co/PzZjmcsZr3 https://t.co/0KEvrp1DMy


Pupils and staff loved having at school last week. The staff especially enjoyed the floss off! Dancing to https://t.co/OJciFiBtX4


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Teaching School

Are you looking for a career in Teaching? Train to Teach with BMAT! Contact the Teaching School at https://t.co/4lHQeiV4Pl https://t.co/PoqeIkcTNs


Culture Vulture! Here is the Special menu for tomorrow's Africa day! https://t.co/sXujQquARf


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A day dedicated to exercise saw schoolchildren complete a million skips. The primary schools within BMAT in Harlow and Stansted – , , , and - took part in . https://t.co/yGvqBr2hJW https://t.co/BC8TvlDo4j


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The new issue of Latitude - The magazine for BMAT Schools, Parents and Communities - is now available to view online. It can be found under the news menu on each of our school websites or you can view directly from this link - https://t.co/YuynITeqtu https://t.co/Dr9ywOBZkz


Curious young minds are taking a trip around the world to indulge in culture. Culture Vultures is launching at Little Parndon Primary Academy to raise awareness of the diversity of the families making up the community. https://t.co/m8NfZjukM0 https://t.co/kde2nIXR9y


Compliments are flying around a primary school as children are encouraged to be kind. Pupils at Little Parndon Primary Academy are sharing their positive thoughts by posting notes into a compliments box. https://t.co/VjVfh5W293 https://t.co/ebcmecYGq3


Children’s author inspired a school to develop tomorrow’s performance poets. Little Parndon Primary Academy were so inspired, they invited parents in to watch children perform poems. https://t.co/2m2a642lBa https://t.co/cOeMpAmdY9


A book bonanza gave children an opportunity to indulge in literacy. Little Parndon Primary Academy invited pupils and their parents along to a book swap as part of World Book Day. https://t.co/GCE4p8C66c https://t.co/kloFSBdVAZ


The sudden appearance of three mystery doorways in an enchanted forest has sparked endless imagination in children. Pupils arrived at Little Parndon to find the doors within the school grounds, with no idea where they came from or what was behind them... https://t.co/uHveTww5z2 https://t.co/dEEDYh2QoR


Outstanding Education

Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Communicating With You

Here at Little Parndon School we encourage parents and carers to phone or e-mail us in the event of a child’s absence. Letters and Newsletters are emailed to parents & carers via our ParentMail system. We also have a text messaging system which we use to tell parents when a club is cancelled, if trips are late returning or of unforeseen school closures.

A regular Newsletter from the Headteacher is sent out to parents which keeps you up to date with school events and provides important information about school matters. We also use the newsletter to recognize and celebrate achievements of the school and individual pupils. Letters, photos, term dates and events are also available from our website and we encourage parents to regularly look at the website to keep up to date with school news.

Open Door Policy

We like to believe we are an open and welcoming school and always welcome parents and carers into our learning environment to discuss concerns and also share positive experiences with us. Ask the office if you would like to see a member of staff and an appointment will be made quickly.

Class Assemblies

We regularly celebrate children’s achievements and learning through class assemblies where families are positively encouraged to come in and find out what your child has been doing in class. We recognise that children have put a lot of time and effort into creating their assembly and ask audiences to respect this by refraining from bringing small children to these events. You will be informed of dates by the Class Teacher.

Parents Evenings and Meet the Teacher

We hold three parent’s evenings each year. At the beginning of the Autumn term you are informally invited to a ‘Meet your child’s new teacher’ meeting where you will be advised of expectations for the coming year and will be given an overview of the curriculum for the coming year. Later in the term you will have an appointment with your child’s class teacher to find out how they have settled in and to find out key areas that your child will need to work on during the coming year. In the Autumn and Spring terms you will find out about the progress your child is making in core subjects and how well they are achieving. After Easter your child’s performance and progress will be shared with you through a written report which can be discussed if necessary by appointment with your child’s class teacher.

Special Events

Here at Little Parndon we do hold special events during the year where families are encouraged to come in and take part in activities with the children. These can range from taking part in Maths activities to creating and making things depending on what we are celebrating and promoting at the time.

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